Smart Onboarding
Public Sector Suite

Preboarding and Onboarding for Public Sector

Onboarding for Public Sector

There is not a one-size-fits-all approach, as every State, Local and Federal Government agency is unique and has different requirements. For many public sectors, employee onboarding can be a year-long process and in some cases even longer. Without a fully integrated system, you may fall short of training, engaging, developing and even miss mandatory compliance requirements. Onboarding serves as a critical step to ensure that new employees are connected with an agency in a manner that effectively contributes to an agency’s mission as quickly as possible.


Unique Staffing Suite Features

  • Country specific process, forms and policies
  • Client specific processing
  • States specific policies
  • Service Agent Checklists to make sure the right
    information is presented and tasks performed
  • Role and type of worker (Full time Employee vs.
    Contingent Worker) specific process and policies
  • Electronic forms and multi-lingual capability
  • Integrations with ATS, HRIT and Other systems


  • Shorten the time between placement and start
  • Accuracy of data and completion of all required tasks
  • Savings: time, efficiency, paper, postage, scanning and
    filing, W2-Cs

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