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Smart Onboarding for
Staffing Organizations of any size

Join us April 19, 11AM PST

Learn more about employee onboarding
Simplify your onboarding process | Realize ROI immediately
Experience how Smart OnboardingĀ has helped to hire over one million employees
In this webinar you will learn how Smart Onboarding can:
  • Automate your onboarding process
  • Make contingent workers billable day one
  • Manage high volume hiring
  • Help you stay compliant with State and Federal laws
  • Manage multiple lines of business
  • Integrate with your existing HR and Financial systems
  • Integrate with other third party applications
Smart Onboarding is used by top staffing organizations
"We have enjoyed the many benefits of using the SmartERP application as an automated solution for onboarding new hires, especially when we experienced high volume onboarding spikes."