Smart Onboarding
Staffing Suite

Preboarding and Onboarding for Staffing

Onboarding for Staffing Organizations

Smart Onboarding has an intuitive user interface that provides candidates, client service managers, and administrators an easy-to-navigate, and consistent user experience. From the moment the new hire is invited to the onboarding process through the completion of the hire process, Smart Onboarding for Staffing Organizations automates the tasks required based on the candidate’s hiring profile, not only for the candidates, but also the client service managers, compliance team, and any other administrators. Find out your ROI - an ROI calculator specifically for staffing organizations (click here).

Unique Staffing Suite Features

  • Country specific process, forms and policies
  • Client specific processing
  • States specific policies
  • Service Agent Checklists to make sure the right
    information is presented and tasks performed
  • Role and type of worker (Full time Employee vs.
    Contingent Worker) specific process and policies
  • Electronic forms and multi-lingual capability
  • Integrations with ATS, HRIT and Other systems


  • Shorten the time between placement and start
  • Accuracy of data and completion of all required tasks
  • Savings: time, efficiency, paper, postage, scanning and
    filing, W2-Cs

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