Hiring Millennials: Go Digital With Hiring

July 30, 2018

Is the working world changing? Always—and the shift is moving to millennials. Millennials – or “Generation Y” – includes anyone born between 1980 and 2000.  As the work world ages and starts to head into retirement, this new generation is becoming more of a dynamic part of the workforce. If you’re in Human Resources or have anything to do with the recruiting, hiring, pre-boarding and onboarding process, you have probably found that legacy recruitment processes are slow and unwieldly, taking from a few weeks to six months to hire applicants.  

In order to keep up with the times, to better attract a global millennial talent pool and streamline your recruitment process for recent graduates and millennials from various segments, it may be time to adapt to an all-digital and collaborative approach.  So how do you overcome the challenges this upcoming work segment presents and start hiring/onboarding millennials that you need for your company in the most efficient and effective way possible? 

Go Digital and Automate

The less time your organization spends on paper forms, manual process and administration, the more time you can spend on selecting the best candidates and accelerate the process of getting them started and being productive on day one. Remember millennials want information quickly and the ability to consume information in a digital and mobile format. If your onboarding solution can provide that, you are already three steps in front of your competitors, who may be trying to recruit your candidates!

Immersion in Your Culture

During the pre-boarding process, it’s important that your candidates get familiar with your organization, culture and start to understand some of the aspects of their position. By using an automated onboarding solution, you can integrate documents, collateral and video that familiarizes them with all facets of your organization. The net result is a candidate that will be familiar and comfortable with your organization before they even walk through the door on day one.

As Bersin states:

Getting started right in a new job is a critical component of success. Beyond the tasks that defined orientation (compliance-driven paperwork and the like), today’s onboarding experiences have increased in scope—to serve as a welcome to the new hire, an introduction to the culture and mission of the organization, and as a way to meet colleagues and mentors. 
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