Smart Onboarding Suites

Pre-board, onboard and off-board any employee type, supplier or customer and more
at any location in an industry
Employee | Sales Team | Student | Healthcare | Supplier | Staffing Industry | More..

Employee Onboarding

Employee Onboarding is completely configurable–conditional criteria can be defined to tailor each user’s experience based on his/her job, organization, geographic location, management level or other variables.

Staffing Industry

Smart Onboarding also allows you to uniquely brand your different lines of businesses and client-specific content. Bring in colors, logos videos, and other content that will make the solution their own and create a personalized but unified onboarding experience for all your new hires.


In healthcare, the ability to quickly screen, hire, and onboard medical personnel can have a direct affect on patients' well-being. As such, onboarding and retention in the health care industry must remain a top priority.

Sales Team Onboarding

The process of onboarding new sales people is critical and, when done right, protects your investment by getting your new stars selling while simultaneously identifying non performers much more quickly.

Student Onboarding

One of the most tedious and costly processes for higher education is student enrollment and registration. With Student Onboarding, higher education systems can now take full advantage of online systems to streamline school business processes while substantially lowering their cost. With thousands of students enrolling at key points of the year, an automated onboarding system is a must.


Supplier Onboarding is a highly configurable and robust solution built to support industry best practices throughout a supplier’s lifecycle. Our solution streamlines the supplier’s onboarding process by collecting all necessary data, forms and documentation online, and makes it easier for the buying organization to move forward quickly with procurement processes.

Public Sector

Management in the public sector is different from managing in the world of business. The public sector is a highly-visible environment where managers need government workforces hires to be hired effectively, efficiently and to be highly engaged if they are to succeed. Public sector onboarding may require various government qualifications including certificates, diplomas, general and specialized competencies.