Smart Onboarding
Student Suite

Preboarding and Onboarding for Students

Onboarding for Students

Student Onboarding will guide students through important activities they must complete during the onboarding period. Based on organizational business practices, dependencies may be identified to enforce the order in which tasks are completed, preventing students from progressing through activities until all necessary prerequisites have been completed. New students must quickly become familiar with the organization. Using a configurable and personalized student portal, rich content such as embedded videos, online slide presentations or documentation can be presented.


Unique Student Suite Features

  • Specific task management for onboarding students
  • Socialization via a personalized student portal
  • Administrator Support - insights into current student onboarding status and process statistics
  • Optimized application processing operation
  • Integration of online applications, e-transcripts and scanned supporting documents
  • Student trends reports, including offboarding - why students leave
  • Workflow-based approach to completing student onboarding cycle


  • Reduced student administrative costs - remove paper and slow administration
  • Improved regulatory compliance through incorporation of all necessary forms, including any verification for legal purposes
  • Faster time to productivity - give students a great way to start with your institution
  • Higher student engagement levels through a richer onboarding user experience