Pre-built Reports and Dashboards

Smart Onboarding has pre-built reports and dashboards that can be changed and tailored to the organization’s requirements. These reports start with a high-level overview of all new hires and where they are in the pre-boarding and onboarding process. From there, client service managers can drill down into the specific details of each new hire’s progress and review their information. From this perspective, client service managers and administrators can analyze and identify weaknesses in their onboarding process and continue to drive continuous process improvements, including the training of their staff.

Create your own onboarding experience.
Smart Onboarding can be configured to any type of employee at any location in the world!

Drill Down

Start with a high-level overview for each new hire and then drill down to the detail level

Audit Trail

Historic reporting enables the ability to comply with any requests for a review of any past onboarding efforts

Multiple Consoles

Delivered with both administrator and manager consoles to provide visibility into the onboarding process

Some amazing companies we've 
had the pleasure to work with

We eliminated approximately 115 forms with an average of
four minutes per form
Arkalgud Venkatesh, Information Technology Manager for Alameda County
We replaced paper-based manual onboarding process with an
electronic process - thus saving acres of trees!
Brenda Caforia-Weeber Systems Implementation Manager, Keurig
We have enjoyed the many benefits of using the SmartERP application
as an automated solution for onboarding new hires, especially when Hudson experienced high volume onboarding spikes.
Lauren Devine, VP of Human Resources, Americas, Hudson

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